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    FW1 Waterless Wash & Wax

    Through years of research and development in the professional motorsports world, RGS Labs Inc. ® brings you the FW1 Waterless Formulation.

    For questions about the status of your order, please contact us here.

    A longtime secret of racing professionals, The FW1 Waterless Formulation has a unique combination of cleaning agents, lubricants and carnauba wax that lifts dirt and grime from paint and other nonporous vehicle surfaces. It leaves nothing behind but a show car finish.

    FW1 was created to meet a need in the racing world. Years ago, soap and water were used in pit areas to keep cars clean and sponsors happy. Excess soap and water was getting on vehicle tires and would cause drivers to lose traction. FW1 was designed to solve the problem.

    RGS Labs Inc.® FW1 Waterless Formulation was designed to save valuable time in a world where seconds decide champions. FW1 is so versatile that it can be used on paint, chrome, fiberglass, smooth plastics, glass/mirrors and more...

    RGS Labs Inc. ® has truly created a superior product that can be used on cars, RVs, boats, personal watercraft, motorcycles, airplanes, trucks, bicycles and more! It cleans everything –even the kitchen sink! Try us and never turn back.